American Record Guide

One would expect a Polish pianist to bring an extra dimension of understanding when performing this great composer. These performances show that to be so… Karaskiewicz’s program offers a good introduction to the composer, and her extensive notes are worthy of the highest praise. Here is yet another great recital, a superb sampling. The plush fullness of the sound is an added attraction.

Alan Becker

New Classics

The virtuoso Polish pianist Barbara Karaskiewicz has championed Statkowski’s music for some time, and has a close affinity with his work. She brings a formidable technique to the glittering fast passages and is the ideal interpreter.
John Pitt

Raphael Music Notes

Barbara Karaskiewicz is a pianist of rare gifts: always sensitive, assertive and powerful at crucial times, exquisitely handling the lyricism that abounds in these miniature gems. A specialist in the music of Szymanowski, she continues to enjoy a major European career.

Rafael de Acha

 Pizzicato Luxembourg

Barbara Karaskiewicz makes the development of the composer from the romanticist to the expressionist clear and plays the four works on a high level technically, musically always correct, and highly sensitive. Her interpretation is fluid and subtle and reflects the diversity and moods excellently.

Remy Franck

Gapplegate Classical Modern Music Review

Barbara Karaskiewicz combines virtuosity and interpretive acuity to be a near ideal exponent of a series of breathtaking Szymanowski works in her volume of his Piano Music that has recently become available. (…) Ms. Karaskiewicz puts a sense of clarity and passion into each movement, a genuinely sympathetic lyrical and dramatic touch that is so needed for a vital interpretation of this most expressive composer. (…) The end result is a very happy meeting of pianist and composer. I would be hard-pressed to imagine a better single CD that brings to us all that makes Szymanowski’s piano music important and movingly alive. (…)
Barbara Karaskiewicz puts it all before us in glowing terms.

Grego Edwards

MusicWeb International

Polish-born pianist Barbara Karaskiewicz plays these four works with great understanding, technical aplomb and interpretive skill. It makes a splendid introduction to the piano music of Karol Szymanowski.

John France

Music Voice

Polish pianist Barbara Karaskiewicz shows that she can master all of the heterogeneous aspects of Szymanowski’s styles… a perfect technical and stylistic maturity. The recording is characterized by a full and wide sound…. [and] has a natural glow without application of additional effects.

Edmondo Filippini

Twoja Muza

This is a repertoire from the top of the pianistic canon, requiring not only the mastery of the workshop, but also the exceptional knowledge and sensitivity – these qualities Barbara Karaśkiewicz owns. [A] very successful album.

Witold Paprocki