Basia & Agata Piano Duo

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are BASIA & AGATA, an extraordinary Piano Duo, accompanied by a live band featuring two percussionists, a bass guitarist, and an electric guitarist. With years of dedicated practice and numerous accolades under our belts, we have honed our craft to deliver unforgettable experiences for our audiences.

What sets BASIA & AGATA apart is our ability to take beloved classical compositions and reimagine them in a way that is fresh, exciting, and accessible to all. Imagine hearing Rossini infused with the rhythmic pulse of modern pop, or Paganini’s 24th Caprice transformed into a high-energy showstopper that leaves the audience breathless.

But it’s not just our musical prowess that leaves a lasting impression – BASIA & AGATA are also a sight to behold. Our stage presence is magnetic, our chemistry palpable, and our passion infectious. Audiences can’t help but be drawn into our world, where classical sophistication meets contemporary flair.

Furthermore, we are committed to professionalism and excellence in all aspects of our work. From our meticulous rehearsal routines to our polished stage presence, we strive for perfection in every performance. We understand the importance of reliability and consistency in the music industry, and we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations at every turn.

Author of compositions: Michał Grotecki