Roman Statkowski – Piano Works 2

The second album with the works of Roman Statkowski in the recording of Barbara Karaśkiewicz raises – like the first one – the highest praise. And maybe Statkowski has surpassed Paderewski? Listening to the three Oberkas in the performance of Barbara Karaśkiewicz, it is impossible to get rid of such thoughts. The pianist has mastered the art of precise, round and expressively articulated sounds, rarely found in Poland. If we add that instrumental proficiency fully authorizes her to perform compositions written by virtuosos, and by the natural musicality, flowing from the vocal-like phrasing and from agogical freedom, she can breathe the spirit into every note, it turns out that here we have a record with forgotten Polish music, which is undoubtedly worth remembering. Secondly, it provides many emotions, even if for today’s ear it becomes over-zealous or too insistently follows the footsteps of Chopin. Karaśkiewicz interprets her excellently.

Kacper Miklaszewski Ruch Muzyczny

This label specializes on unique Polish piano music as performed by several excellent Polish pianists and Barbara Karaskiewicz is such an artist. The performances are sensitive, lush, and with total understanding for the musical phrase.

Dennis E. Ferrara