Roman Statkowski – Piano Music
Even the briefest of encounters with these piano works will prove that [the advertising blurb for this CD] is not an exaggeration. [Statkowski] is yet another one of many ‘forgotten’ composers who deserves to be rehabilitated. Virtually all these pieces are attractive, post-romantic and ‘imbued with lyricism, poetry and noble tenderness.’ Polish-born pianist Barbara Karaśkiewicz has taken Statkowski’s music to heart and clearly has a great love and understanding of all these pieces. They are beautifully played.

John France MusicWeb International

An entertaining and lively collection of piano music. It’s got a real sense of energy about it; there’s nothing serious about this and no dark tones. We were a little surprised, listening to it more intently, at how complex the playing is. . The virtuoso Polish pianist Barbara Karaskiewicz has championed her countryman’s music, and she’s a formidable player. This collection will be enjoyed by proficient pianists, who can appreciate the complexity of the playing, and people who just like piano music.

Jeremy Condliffe The Chronicle

One of the most brilliant successors to the Romantic genres popularised by Chopin. Hardly known outside Poland, Roman Statkowski’s music is full of sparkling energy, rhythmic vitality and a mass of wonderful melodies. The virtuoso Polish pianist Barbara Karaskiewicz brings a formidable technique to the glittering fast passages and is the ideal interpreter.

John Pitt New Classics

Melody is always to the fore and while there is lyricism there are moments of exciting dash … there is no padding and time wasting. The variety in the music holds the attention; there is always something new happening. The Toccata Op 33 is very impressive and calls for a pianist with a cool head and tough fingers; it is simply splendid. The Six Preludes Op 37 are a delight. They require real skill from the performer, who is excellent. This CD is a joy and we should hear some of this music in recitals.

David C F Wright Wrightmusic

Statkowski is a very imaginative composer who borrowed much of the passion of Russian music. [The performer’s] interpretation is fluid and subtle and reflects the diversity and moods excellently.

Remy Franck Pizzicato Luxembourg

This is a valuable new release of music that deserves to be heard. Many of these pieces would sit well in any recital. The recording is close and detailed with a fine piano tone. The booklet is well up to Divine Art’s usual high standards with excellent booklet notes from Barbara Karaśkiewicz.

Bruce Reader The Classical Reviewer

It is music of extreme sensitivity that is written beautifully for the piano. I am very happy that the Polish Pianist Barbara Karaskiewicz, who plays this music exquisitely, has recorded his excellent piano music.

 Elaine Fine Expedition Audio