20th Century Polish Chamber Music

Catalogue No: DDA 25206
EAN/UPC: 809730520624
Release Date: October 2020
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 55:09


Three works by Polish composers of great stature: the music of Karol Szymanowski is now very well known; he was responsible for the first real flowering of Polish music after Chopin, developing from the Romantic to expressionism to modernism. His Op. 9 violin sonata is his earliest chamber composition, written when he was 22 and found immediate success with audiences, if not all of the critics at the time.

The Piano Trio of Andrzej Panufnik, who later became a British citizen, is also an early work and as his Op. 1 (he did not give opus numbers to any other composition) symbolises the beginning of his great career. Elements of modernism, Romanticism and jazz inspire this superb piece. It is heard here in the composer’s revised version from 1977.

For Grażyna Bacewicz, chamber music played a very important role alongside concert works; she summed up the 200 year era from Chopin to Rachmaninoff as a great virtuoso composer and performer – on both violin and piano. The fourth piano sonata is generally considered her greatest – described by one critic as ‘contemporary Brahms’.

„This is a superbly performed recital of chamber music from a stylistically conservative but highly original trio of Polish composers”

—Peter Burwasse

„The best-known work here is Szymanowski’s. This is one of the very best performances of it that I have heard. Good sound.”
—Joseph Magil
„I was delighted… the interpretation emanates understanding and rhetorical depth.”
—Marcin Majchrowski

“Three outstanding performers tackling three fine works, and a real opportunity to hear these pieces played to the highest standard. The performance is magnificent and it is difficult to believe that it could be bettered and [is] aided by a brilliant recording. This is well worth investing in.”
 —Gary Higginson

„Well-played… highly interesting. Listeners will find much to enjoy here, including a presentation in which violin, cello and piano are all handled with a very high level of skill and a great deal of involvement in the music.”
—Mark J, Estren
„The performance of these three works impressed me. I did not know any of them, so it was a great opportunity for me to discover three noteworthy and well-written pieces. This worthy packaging of three vital Polish chamber works will surely entertain and move the listener.”
—John France

„A very fine and enjoyable CD. If you don’t have the Szymanowski and Panufnik pieces in your collection, this is clearly a disc you will want. Well done!”
—Lynn Bayley